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Long have I waited

Gosh, it's been so long since I've updated...

Anyway, in Mass for Ash Wednesday the other day, the Music Group sang that song that goes something like, "Long have I waited for your coming home to me, and living deeply our new life" or something like that. It's amazing how songs can have such a powerful effect! But this song just showed me how patiently God waited for me to find Him, to come home to Him and that now that he's finally got me, He's not about to let me go. What I mean by that is, I'm not on my own and God isn't going to throw me into a situation I can't handle that causes me to question my faith - not after He's waited for me for so long!

Oh Jesus, what a great Saviour you are!! It's so unbelievably fantastic to know that whatever happens, God is with me. It's like that footsteps poem - through the hard times there's only one set of prints because he carried me. He's such a great God!

I think I may have been annoying Julia though because I've been trying to convert her to Catholicism 'cause she's Christian Fellowship. I've tried to point out to her that there are absolutes, and that if you leave the Bible open to human interpretation, then there are bound to be faults with it because we're so sinful. It's like I heard of some Protestants who believe that they have a lot of money purely because they follow God and that those without money don't deserve it - God blessed them with money, therefore they won't share it. Nice! But that's why you need absolutes and tradition to guide you... it all comes from God, from Jesus. And besides, the Pope is infallible - you can't argue with that!

And while I finally have Catholic friends for the first time in my life (for once I'm in the majority now that I'm at a Catholic uni), they don't practise their faith as much as they should. And how far can you really go in persuading them to come to Mass and stuff? You want them to realise that God comes first, that, say, if you spare one hour in your day to go to Mass even if you have an exam the next day or a load of work to hand in, God will reward you for it. He's not going to say, "Ha ha! I made you choose me over your work and now you've failed and I've ruined your life!" No, he'll say, "Thank you for spending time with me. In fact, I'm so thankful that I think you really deserve to pass your test now." But how to make them see this without falling out with them? You want to remain friends, but you also want them to see God in all His glory. Gah! How hard life is!

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