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Jesus... Help Me!

Well, I think I've come to some kind of conclusion about my vocation. I don't think I'm called to be a nun. I'm still open to it should God call me to it, but I really don't think that it's for me. I think I'd irritate the other nuns and they'd irritate me - I'm just not the sort of person who can cope being around the same people 24/7. Of course I could be apostolic, but even so, I just don't think it's for me. I still feel really called to help the catholic youth, though, to help them learn more about their faith. I think the Mary Beth Bonacci or whatever her name is book really helped there. It's called 'We're On A Mission From God' and it's just so in touch with the youth whilst still being informative about the catholic faith. It's great! I don't know exactly how I'll fulfill this vocation, I'll have to pray some more. All I know so far is that I want to set up that LJ community I mentioned in my last entry. Maybe I'll end up writing a book or creating a magazine or something. Who knows!

Speaking of writing, I always wanted to be a writer, to write a children's fantasy series, but now I'm not so sure. I don't feel the same passion for it that I used to. Now I feel more passion towards God than anything else and I just want my future to be dedicated to Him. He is a worthy person to dedicate your future too, after all...

Which a certain someone else obviously sees too. Just when I learn to speak to him, everyone suddenly decided to see fit to remind me that he's seriously considering the priesthood. It's really hard sometimes, and when Jenni said at brunch, "I know you like him, but he's going to make a fantastic priest", I was just like "Thanks", and we had a talk afterwards and she made me cry a bit. But it's okay now. I'm learning that, though I'm scared I'll never find anyone as great as this person again, God has a plan for everyone. He won't let me down. If me and this absolutely fantastic person are not meant to be, then God will have something else even greater in store for me. Besides, the Catholic Church is short of priests and if he wants to be a priest, that's really great. Young vocations are always particularly special and influencial. I'm starting to think it's a bit selfish of me to get upset.

Another issue altogether is the issues with Jenni and Adam. The thing is that the two of them are both my friends, and they both have issues which just can't be sorted, and one of them can't let go and keeps talking about the other and can get really controlling when it comes to Adam which really irritates me and Kay. I mean, I love Jenni to bits, she's a really great friend and the first time I've had a friend who's practising Catholic and interested in her faith, but she needs to get over Adam. I know it's easier said than done, but I've tried to help her but all she does it talk about him all the time to everyone, to the extent that Kay and I barely know anything about her that doesn't relate back to Adam some how. They weren't even properly together, it was one night (and that's not even like it sounds - as far as I know!). But it's really bugging me, to the extent where I'm considering choosing Adam over her. She says there's no need to choose, but that's the position she puts me and Kay in. The thing is, hanging over all of this is that I should be, as a Christian, setting a good example. I shouldn't bitch, I shouldn't complain, I should try to sort things out without hurting people but it's just so hard! I really, really can't deal with this! Oh please Jesus, help me!


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